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UCT salary negotiations continue December 20, 2006

Posted by Andreas in Cape Town, South Africa, University of Cape Town, Work.

Just a quick update on the UCT salary negotiations (read my previous post on the topic here). The UCT Employees Union had a meeting yesterday during which management’s final offer was rejected.

The offer involved an across the board increase of 5,5% for pay-classes 5 to 7 and a performance related increase of 5.5% for pay-classes 8 to 12. An amateurish and poorly disguised attempt to fragment the UCT workforce even more than it already is, this brilliant stratagem was just way too transparent not to be recognised as a poor deal and a threat to the unity of the organisation.

So matters will now be handed over to the CCMA for conciliation and if they can’t resolve the dispute, our next union meeting may well feature a strike ballot!

Apparently management is under the impression that the union is weak, because meetings have been poorly attended, but I think they are deluding themselves. The low turn-outs have more to do with the time of year and the fact that many union members are already on leave (presumably that was all part of managements negotiation strategy and delaying tactics in the first place, which actually makes this a case of self-delusion on their part).

I reckon spirits among union members are high and the general sentiment is that the union will not back down from its demands very easily. We shall see what the new year brings – interesting times for sure!


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