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Back on the hamster wheel January 8, 2007

Posted by Andreas in Life, Work.

I hate the first day back at work after a holiday, especially after as fantastic a holiday as I’ve just had. We spent as much time at the beach, in the forrest and in the park as we could, avoiding the tourists whenever possible. Blissful, life affirming and invigorating.

Sitting down in front of my computer at work this morning and being confronted with all of the crap I so happily left behind me before Christmas precipitated a feeling of emptiness I still haven’t managed to shake.

man in hamster wheel

It’s a shame that we have to sacrifice so much of our energy and spirit at the bloody altar of wage slavery. Right now I feel bitter that after way to short a reprieve I’m right back in the rat-race. Back to square one.

hamster zombies

I guess I’ll get over feeling shitty soon enough, but this is definitely not a lifestyle (sic) I want for the rest of my life!


Getting out of this dead-end will be a major personal project for the next while. Not quite sure how to do it yet, but for starters, I bet keeping on doing as many of the brilliant things we did during these holidays will help to shore up my spirits.


1. jenny - October 14, 2007

its beautiful

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