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US bombs Cape Town January 12, 2007

Posted by Andreas in Cape Town, South Africa.

Just read this in The Cape Nowhere News:

Cape Town, South Africa – The United State’s war on terror reached South African shores today when three strategic locations in Cape Town were hit and destroyed by American intercontinental missiles aimed at killing Osama bin Laden just before noon today.

At approximately 11.47 am local time, rockets slammed into the five-star Mount Nelson Hotel in Gardens, the Palm Tree Mosque in the historic Bokaap district and Cavendish Square shopping centre in Claremont.

Herbert Huclehoober of the US embassy in Cape Town read out a joint Pentagon and White House statement at a press conference an hour after the attack: “United States Armed Forces, on the basis of firm intelligence information suggesting that Mr. Bin Laden is currently holidaying in the Cape, launched Operation Witblits at approximately 9:00 GMT this morning.”

“Three laser-guided Chicken-hawk intercontinental missiles, launched from the US destroyer J Edgar Hoover stationed off the East African coast, successfully accomplished their mission of neutralising suspected ‘terrorist’ targets.”

It is as yet unclear if Mr. Bin Laden, who was suspected to be somewhere in the Western Cape was killed in the attack. Mr. Huclehoober emphasised that the United States government regretted, as usual, any ‘collateral damage’ resulting from the anti-terrorist action.



1. Scarlett Peacock - January 14, 2007

Ha ha! How true. Now… imagine if Bin Laden decided to visit Westminster Abbey?

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