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Anarchism means… February 22, 2007

Posted by Andreas in anarchism, Life, Politics, Society.

CrimethInc. says:

“Anarchism” is the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you are to decide what your life will be.

It means thinking for yourself, rather than following blindly.

It means rejecting hierarchy.

It means trying to figure out how to work together to meet our individual needs, how to work with each other rather than for or against each other.

It means not valuing any system or ideology above the people it purports to serve, not valuing anything theoretical above the real things in this world.

It means not forcing your desires into a hierarchical order, but accepting and embracing all of them, accepting yourself.

It means refusing to put the responsibility for your happiness in anyone else’s hands, whether that be parents, lovers, employers, or society itself. It means taking the pursuit of meaning and joy in your life upon your own shoulders.

For what else should we pursue, if not happiness? If something isn’t valuable because we find meaning and joy in it, then what could possibly make it important? How could abstractions like “responsibility”, “order”, or “propriety” possibly be more important than the real needs of the people who invented them? Should we serve employers, parents, the State, God, capitalism, moral law, causes, movements, “society” before ourselves? Who taught you that, anyway?



1. ggwfung - February 23, 2007

becoming an autonomous, free thinking individual. I’ll sign onto that!


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