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So you wake up one day… March 5, 2007

Posted by Andreas in anarchism, Life, Society.

So you wake up one day and the monstrous twin towers of your mind are no more. They lie defeated in a smoldering heap of toxic rubble. The undergrowths of your psyche that have atrophied in their shadows from pre-school days as the twin’s tentaclaws wound themselves around your spinal cord appear bleached in the violent sunlight of the new morning. Bleached a translucent pale yellow – but not dead…

Yesterday you got up you went to school to ‘Varsity to work to drink to sleep to consume to fuck to make money to eat to shop to schnarf. Yesterday you were watching the world go by on your TV screen your computer monitor the pages of you magazine/schoolbook/textbook/chequebook/rulebook, on the other side of your windscreen/sunglasses/virtual reality goggles, in the eyes of your mother/banker/lover/boss/teacher/neighbour/favourite celebrity – a spectator of your own spectacular life.

Drooker Terminal Rage

[painting: Eric Drooker]

There’s got to be more than this !

Today you’ve broken through to the other side. You can see clearly now that the pain has gone. There’s more to life than just surviving in the urban jungle, or the rural desert, or the mind-numbing office cubicle, or the educational prison cell, or the dull hell of suburbia.

This may happen to you tomorrow or it might have happened to you before you learned how to read. Mind you, it might never happen to you at all. It might happen in an instant, like a brutal terrorist attack smashing into a glass-clad office high-rise, or gradually, like a massive edifice that collapses in on itself in slow-motion. It’s likely to happen in both ways – a gradual instant. (Oh, and, confusingly, this might happen to you more than once, in fact, it might happen constantly).

As you step across the threshold, cutting your naked feet on shattered crystal chandeliers, you may feel terrified or enthusiastic, relieved or scarred shitless. Whatever the case, take heart, there are more of us out here…and we’ve been looking for you !



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