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Can men be raped? May 11, 2007

Posted by Andreas in Life, News, rant, Society, South Africa.

The South African Constitutional Court ruled yesterday that while non-consensual, penile penetration of a woman, whether it be anal or vaginal, constitutes rape, the same does not apply to men.

This kind of thing makes me really angry. It employs the same flawed and deeply conservative non-logic that says that only penis-vagina penetration constitutes sex (alright, in heterosexual relationships we might be prepared to throw in penis-anus penetration as a compromise).

The implication is that men can’t have sex with other men by definition, and that women most certainly can’t have sex with other women. The ruling is also a shameful insult to the thousands of men, especially young men and boys who get raped every day.

Melanie Judge from OUT makes the point: “OUT believes that all acts of forced sex should be treated equally.”

Men and women can be raped in a number of ways. It’s happening right now, whether or not the Constitutional Court Judges deem it to be so or not!



1. Pierre - May 11, 2007

The decision is a bit more complicated than merely that the judges says men can never be raped. I still think, though, that it is a bad judgment. See my take on my Blog, which elaborates on the decision.

2. Michelle - May 11, 2007

I agree with the statement by OUT, any sex acts forced upon anyone (regardless of sex, age, or otherwise) should be considered rape. I read another blog that linked to you and thought I would stop by to say hi. So far I find your blog very interesting. Will continue to read on.

3. Andreas - May 13, 2007

It was pointed out to me that in some ways the judgement was actually positive, recognising that non-consenual anal penetration of a woman does actually constitute rape. This was not previously the case and women’s groups have been working quite hard to get this kind of judgement. The newspapers (and people like myself!) overlooked that part of the decision, choosing to focus on the sensational part about male rape. Having said that, I still think the spirit of the statement from the judges, as far as the possibility of men being raped, was unacceptable.

4. Andreas - May 13, 2007

Pierre, thanks very much. I just read your blog entry on this and it certainly cleared up some issues…

5. jess - August 17, 2008

what do you mean that men or young men cant be raped when my brother was about sixteen a girl some how got our home telephone number and talked to my mother about going to do all of this (sex) my mother told her to stop calling will my brother had nothing in comman with her and did not knew her in any way will she keept on calling him back so my mother told my brother to talk to her and tell her to stop calling will he did but she calling and telling him alll that sex crap and as of today he still cant even really trust a women to have a relation ship

6. jess - August 17, 2008

oh by the way he keept slamming the phone on her about fore a half hour then he finally broke down and ran up to his room and corner himself aginst the wall and was crying really bad now is that like rape to.

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