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March against Alcan abd Coega in Port Elizabeth May 25, 2007

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I know this is incredibly late in the day (literally), but if you’re in PE this afternoon, please try to support this (I just found it on urban sprout myself). And those of you in the Eastern Cape looking for an environmental home, try NiMBLE.


Protesters that include parents, community members, farmers and environmentalists will hold a peaceful demonstration against the Alcan/Coega development. They will meet behind the Paxton Hotel in Humerail, Port Elizabeth tomorrow – Friday 25 May between 4-5pm to march and hand out informative pamphlets to the public.

What is their aim? They believe that Alcan represents the first of a new wave of industrial development in the PE Metro. Alcan has had a hugely negative global impact and they protest against them setting up in the PE Metro. The whole deal has been made with little gain for local people and much harm. Protesters hope that public pressure will highlight objections to the development and force local and national leaders to rethink their national strategy.

The combined protesters of Alcan want a national strategy for sustainable development as well as a local strategy for healthy, prosperous local livelihoods.

For further information contact:
Greg Smith


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