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Tell Parliament what you think about nuclear energy June 12, 2007

Posted by Andreas in activism, Environment, Nuclear Power, Politics, South Africa.

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs and Tourism is hosting public hearings on nuclear energy in South Africa (see details below). Anyone, individuals, groups and organisations, can make written submissions, but they have to get there no later than this Friday.

I know this is quite short notice, I only found out about it yesterday myself ( thanks Melissa!), but there’s enough time to put your thougths about atomic power into an email and to send it off to Mr Langa Zita (marked for the attention of Ms Albertina Kakaza) at this email address: akakaza@parliament.gov.za.

I’m planning to put together an email compilation of my nuclear power posts on this blog and send it to Mr Zita. If I get my act together, I’ll post it here…

I do think the whole process is flawed (serious misgivings about representative democracy…), that the nuclear horse in SA has already bolted and that we’re going to get more of it no matter what we tell Parliament, but if we go through this process we at least can’t be blamed for not trying.

You can download the original call for submissions as a pdf here: Nuclear Submission.

Here are the details:


In line with parliament’s core objective of facilitating public participation and involvement in legislative processes, the Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs and Tourism will host public hearings on Nuclear Energy on Wednesday 20 June, 2007. The purpose of these public hearings is to solicit public written and oral input on the socio-economic, waste management and security of supply, human resource development as well as science and technological implications of Nuclear Energy in South Africa.

Interested Individuals and Groups wishing to comment on the subject of Nuclear Energy are kindly requested to forward written submissions to the committee by no later than Friday 15 June 2007. Stakeholders interested in making oral submissions are also requested to contact our office by no later than Friday 15 June 2007.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
Mr Langa Zita (Chairperson) and marked for the Attention of Ms Albertina Kakaza
Box 15
Cape Town

Tel: (021) 403-3749/65
Fax: (021) 403-2808
E-mail: akakaza@parliament.gov.za



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