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How to talk to a nuclear power enthusiast July 31, 2007

Posted by Andreas in Environment, Nuclear Power.

If you’ve had enough of my anti-nuclear rants, why not read this one by Rebecca Solnit. I really like her closing paragraph:

Sure, you can say nuclear power is somewhat less carbon-intensive than burning fossil fuels for energy; beating your children to death with a club will prevent them from getting hit by a car. Ravaging the Earth by one irreparable means is not a sensible way to prevent it from being destroyed by another. There are alternatives. We should choose them and use them.



1. LB Kloppers - August 9, 2007

Have you ever caught a suntan? That is radiation! Will you be satisfied if your electricity requirement eventually lead to a overload shut down? Are you prepared to go back in to time and live like humans did in the middle ages, because it is so far the only way you can reduce the need for more power. The truth is that there are always a contant requirement for a bigger supply, thanks to the industrial revolution and the electricity supply are playing catchup in most cases. Hydro-, wind-, nuclearpower, tideenregy converters or carbonfuel generation, they are all just the tools of the trade. You want to reduce the power supply? YOU need to reduce your consumption!!
All we ever hear is the claims to the alternative methods? Are they profitable? what is their impact? and lastly. Show me, dont just talk, show me! show us! show the world! You can get rich from doing this you know. That is if you really have the answer.

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