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Robert Fisk bows out October 4, 2007

Posted by Andreas in History, News, Politics, Society.

It’s a sad, sad day and an indictment on the world we live in when someone like veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk assesses his own life’s work as a failure and as having had no impact. He’s just announced his retirement, basically saying “Screw this for a joke, nobody’s listening anyway!”.

He’s wrong, of course. He is one of a dying breed of truly “un-embedded” journalists in a sea of hacks regurgitating PR-branded, press-released, corporate, partisan and party-political garbage. This will be a poorer media world without his voice.

Watch this interview with him (thanks for the link Sam) and read my review of his recent book The Great War for Civilisation.



1. gmk - October 4, 2007

Truly sad and indictment on society in general. Always enjoyed his articles.

2. Steve - October 4, 2007

Indeed, he will be missed. Independent journalists who are unembedded are rare.

3. CoffeeCat - October 5, 2007

Mr Frisk carries the torch of integrity at a time where all else in the media are following popular comment as oposed to independant thought. This is a sad day.

4. Steve - November 16, 2007

I’ve noticed he’s still writing in his retirement, though.

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