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NOPE! our dreams don’t fit on your ballot March 24, 2009

Posted by Andreas in activism, anarchism, Politics, Society, South Africa.

A call

Some of us have jobs. Others don’t. Some are students. Others are not. Vagabonds, basement philosophers, dreamers and nerds. Insurgents, artists and would be superheros. All of us… fellow travellers. We come together under the bond of friendship with the strange idea of doing politics during an election. We invite you to do the same…

for the world needs to change.

comicAsk anyone. The seemingly irreparable gulf of global inequality, the wars that wreck community and the scourge of poverty that is now everywhere in between and beyond, is not how the world ought to be. Even the men with guns, the pirates of the modern corporation and the career politicians, who in everyway work to ‘insure’ this world claim to agree.

As the 2009 election approaches, change is again something of a theme. Across the electoral spectrum, from the DA and COPE to the ANC, change is the promise of the party. Their promises are however well worn; we have heard them before, and no doubt, we will hear them again…but this world, riven by crisis, injustice and the singular pursuit of profit, goes on…

change, real change, always comes from below.

So, we don’t care what you do with your vote. We care about what you do beyond voting, what you do in giving public expression to your dreams and desires, and in re-making the world in their image. For whatever these dreams are, they can never be expressed in a single, secret, anonymous mark – two intersecting lines, a cross. Nope! is our experiment to give space to other ways of doing politics. Other ways of expressing who we are politically.

We have no manifesto, no banner for all to march behind, nor any grand plan that will guarantee the future. Instead we seek to give space and voice to a collective manifestering, and the dream of the world that we will have to make together…

Our call is simple: say something, write something, show something, jam something, break something, spray something, mobilise something, mock something, paint something, fight for something… The theme is your dreams and what we will do together in giving a place in the world for them. Take our name, or make up your own. Embrace our manifestering, or write your own.




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