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Book Review: The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen July 22, 2009

Posted by Andreas in Book Reviews, Environment, Gardening, Organic Food, Sustainable Living, Urban Agriculture.

This is a very accessible book for anyone who wants to start to be more self-sufficient in their home. It’s inspirational and covers a lot of ground from growing and preserving your own food, cleaning your house, saving water and electricity and more, all in an environmentally sustainable way, without going into too much detail, which makes it a good starting point for beginners like myself.


The book is not particularly well edited – typos et al abound – but makes up for it by providing a lot of useful information and a very nice resource section at the end. The authors’ approach is largely DIY with an emphasis on keeping things cheap and simple. A great little book.


1. Simple Living - July 22, 2009

Good review…
I agree this is a good starter and their website is full of good information as well. It’s an easy read and flows like a casual conversation rather then proper dictation. Staying in my collection for future reviews.

2. Homegrown Evolution - July 22, 2009

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the great review! Typos have been fixed after the first printing and we’re currently in our third printing.


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