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Fahrenheit 2010 December 1, 2009

Posted by Andreas in Cape Town, Film screening, South Africa.
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Fahrenheit 2010, a feature documentary that asks crucial questions about the impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, will be shown at the Labia on Orange cinema in Cape Town on Sunday 13 December at 8:15pm, on Monday 14 December at 6:15pm and on Tuesday 15 December at 6:15pm.

For four action-packed weeks in June and July 2010, the largest international television audience to ever follow a single event will be watching the football World Cup in South Africa. As the clock ticks down, and the nations of the world anticipate the beautiful game’s showpiece, questions are being asked about what will happen after the trophy is lifted, the caravans move on, and the dogs stop barking…

Fahrenheit 2010 cuts through the hype, with an uncompromising examination of what the World Cup means for South Africans themselves – in particular, who actually stands to benefit from the diversion of millions of dollars to build 21st century sports arenas in a country in which, 15 years after throwing off apartheid’s yoke, millions live in shacks and have no access to water – a South Africa where life expectancy has plummeted beneath that in Ethiopia.

International heavyweights like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, construction workers, FIFA’s Communications Director, street traders, politicians, and sports celebrities, wade into the debate. National pride, corruption and even murder feature in this astonishingly candid film which peels back the glossy media veneer to expose the real concerns of ordinary South Africans: hopes about jobs, the eviction of school children to make way for construction company offices, the removal of an inconvenient community, and what traditional medicine and the influence of the ancestors might mean for the fortunes of the local team…

Fahrenheit 2010 takes the temperature of the Rainbow Nation as it prepares to roll out the Greatest Show on Earth.

The screenings will be followed by a facilitated audience discussion. Tickets are R20 and can be reserved by calling The Labia at 021 424 5927. Reserving tickets is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

This event is presented by The Labia and While You Were Sleeping, a Cape Town-based non-profit film collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentaries with important social and environmental messages to South African audiences.


The Labia:

021 424 5927

While You Were Sleeping:

Andreas Späth

084 772 1056



While You Were Sleeping:

Andreas Späth

084 772 1056




Fahrenheit 2010 will also be screened in Johannesburg and Durban:

Durban: KZNSA (Kwa Zulu Natal Society of Arts), Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Sunday 13 December @ 7.00pm.

Johannesburg: The House of Nsako, 101 High Street, Brixton, Wednesday 16 December @ 8.15pm.


1. Aman - December 3, 2009


Thanks for showing. Are there plans to screen F. 2010 in Durban?

2. Andreas - December 3, 2009

Hey Aman

I’m not sure, but I would certainly hope that the movie will be shown in Durban soon, too. The editor of the film lives in Durbs. Just keep an eye on the press…


3. chandler - January 8, 2010

When might this film come to the US? I was hoping it would be at the Sundance festival, but it is not. I’m really excited to see it some time, and I hope FIFA isn’t trying to bury it. Any information would be very helpful.


4. Andreas - January 11, 2010

Hi Chandler

I have no idea if and when you’ll be able to see Fahrenheit 2010 in the US. Perhaps the dvd will be available for sale online soon…?


5. Baobab - January 28, 2010

How about screening it in Port Elizabeth? Pleeeeez!!

6. Andreas - January 28, 2010

Sorry Baobab, we’re strictly CT – don’t have the capacity to do screenings elsewhere. If you’re lucky it may make it onto TV one of these days.

7. Mtawaz - February 15, 2010

When are we likely to see this movie? I have been telling all my friends about the reality check in the movie. If we are not going to see it soon, what will be the reasons for this? Monetary, political…??????

8. Andreas - February 15, 2010

Hey Mtawaz

At this rate I think chances of us seeing Fahrenheit 2010 on South African big screens are very slim. The reason? Politics, sure, but probably most importantly: FIFA…

9. Mike McKay - February 16, 2010

Cant you put it on Torrentz so that I could watch it with others S.Africans living here in Japan. That would be so lekker

10. Andreas - February 16, 2010

Hey Mike

Unfortunately we don’t own the rights to the movie, so I can’t just put it out there… Perhaps I should suggest it to the producers though.


11. Fraser Hawkins - March 2, 2010

I am desperatly looking for a DVD copy of this film. I had one, but it was stolen from me while traveling. Do you know where I can get a copy?

12. sleipner - March 8, 2010

I’d like to show the Movie in Switzerland. It would be part of a campaign for decent work. So far I couldn’t get a copy of the film… Any suggestions?

13. laura galluzzo - March 21, 2010

I saw the film and it was really interesting..I am looking for a dvd, do you know how can I find it? thanks!

14. Andreas - March 25, 2010

I’m afraid I don’t think the DVD’s for this movie are not (yet?) for sale in public…

15. michael chandler - June 8, 2010

Where can this film be purchased or borrowed in the UK please ?

16. Andreas - June 9, 2010

As far as I know Fahrenheit 2010 is neither for rent nor for sale in the UK or anywhere else at this point.

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